Where to Find Help, Food and Happiness during this Crisis

Particularly thinking about those who are most vulnerable in the Covid 19 outbreak and recognising the difficulty of continuing normal life when confined to your property.

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Petersfield Museum is Requesting your Photographs of Petersfield for use in the refurbished premises click for more info

Wessex Heritage Trust on YouTube

Every morning at 11am, week commencing Monday 18th May, Wessex Heritage Trust will be showing you an insight of the Journey we have been on. Each episode will tell a different story and cover some of the most stunning heritage sites in the East and west of Hampshire.

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There is a link to us on each Morning report from Petersfield Community Radio

On a Lighter Note: We felt it would be nice to create an Album of your snaps during the Lockdown so if you have something that is clearly taken around Petersfield please see the Wellbeing/Images Page and let us all enjoy !

Many new Images added yesterday

Images During Lockdown

A brief intro to the website and using the Map

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Our Aim is to collate Resource Information for as many areas as possible particularly focusing on Local solutions that can help those in Isolation

We are doing this as a Local Voluntary Aid effort and have no sponsorship or allegiance to any enterprise.

The information here has been collated by our volunteers by trawling social media and other sources for any information we can find that could help our community, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information given, or any omissions and suggest you check directly with the establishment involved

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Our Flyer

The Resource Hub Flyer has been distributed around the town, if you have a neighbour who doesn't have or use the Internet please grab one and pass it on or print your own.

You can also print the listings if necessary or request a copy through the Help Network

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