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Open to everyone particularly anyone facing social isolation or in need of a warm friendly place to meet.

Petersfield Bicycle Buddies

A scheme which aims to attract cyclists around the Petersfield area looking for someone to cycle with particularly new or rusty riders keen to get back onto their bikes.

Riding with other Buddies, sharing support and encouragement to go out and ride for pleasure and to use bikes as a means of everyday transport.

PBB has a number of bikes available for Loan or Sale

In collaboration with Liss Men's Shed they can also offer help with maintenance and repairs

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Walking with Age Concern

If you are or know of an older person that lacks the confidence to walk out on their own whether that is for a short walk in their local area, to the shops or to an event then please get in contact.

We will partner them up with a Walking Buddy to help build confidence in their mobility, or to enable them to actually go out if they are in a wheelchair. We envisage that they would walk together on a regular basis.

The scheme is extremely flexible, and they will walk at a pace, distance and time that suits each individual. It may 100 yards or a walk into town. It is also a wonderful way of making friends.

Prior to being accepted onto the scheme all clients are risk assessed and wheelchairs undergo a safety check, and volunteers are DBS checked.

Please get in contact with me if you know of anyone who may benefit from this scheme. As I said we are piloting it at the moment to gauge how popular it may be.

Sheridan Rocher on 07852 172998,


Men's Sheds

Newly establishing themselves in our area, these organisations aim to offer people the opportunity to work together, using our collective practical, hands-on skills and life experiences to support local community and charitable projects as well as our own hobbies and interests. The benefits of the group are support, inclusion and good company.

The Men’s Shed is an international organisation set up originally in Australia in the 90’s to help alleviate potential isolation of men possibly caused by loneliness, retiring from work, bereavement or medical reasons. Today there are over 670 Men’s Sheds in the UK alone, coordinated through the UK Men's Shed Association.

New Members are welcome at both sheds select the relevant Image to go to either of these sheds

East Hants Social Prescribers

Social prescribers work for the following GP practices in our area:

  • Rowlands Castle

  • Horndean

  • Clanfield

  • The Grange

  • Riverside

  • Forest Surgery

  • Badgerswood Surgery

  • Pinehill Surgery

The GP practice can refer you to them for help with many aspects of wellbeing from mental health and social isolation - which has obviously been huge during this last year. They also work with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, dementia, carer support, financial support, housing, finding hobbies for people locally etc. It’s basically trying to find holistic approaches to improve people’s lives.


Check in and Chat

Age Concern Petersfield is introducing a new telephone befriending scheme for over 60s

It can be really isolating during lockdown, and indeed in so called normal life if you live on your own. If anyone would like a phone call on a regular basis from one of our friendly volunteers.

Contact Sheridan on 07852 172998,

IT Coaching over the Phone

Age Concern Petersfield have a new 'IT Coaching over the Phone' service for the over 50s.

Now, more than ever, it is so important for people to be able to connect with others through their phones, tablets, iPads and computers. Learn how to connect with others through email, WhatsApp, Zoom etc, shop securely, search for information online, or let us know what you would like some help with. Our IT experts are waiting to hear from you.

Contact Sheridan on 07852 172998, This service is provided for free but we would ask for a donation to the charity.